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FREE Flower & Vegetable Seed Giveaway

The days are finally getting longer, and the warmer weather has us all ready to get outside and get our hands in the dirt, and we have quite a list of flower and vegetable seeds that we are giving away to anyone that is ready to do the same!

It is first come, first serve until everything is gone, so if you are interested, simply send an email to Carrie at and let me know what you would like. I will be packaging them up over the next couple of weeks for pick up.


Sunflower Fennel

Wildflowers Peas

Sweet Pea Lima Beans

Marigold Assorted Onion

Phlox Cilantro

Larkspur Swiss Chard

Maiden Pink Cantaloupe

Dahlia Lavender

Hollyhock Thyme

Texas Blue Bonnet Assorted Peppers

Zinnia Sage

Cardinal Climber Vine Broccoli

Bachelor Button Zucchini

Linaria Bush Bean

Gypsophila Turnips

Rudbeckia Brussel Sprouts

English Daisy Dill

Cosmos White Cauliflower

Verbena Artichoke

Tithonia Celery

Purple Coneflower Assorted Winter Squash

Alyssum Sweet Corn

Chrysanthemum Bodacious Melon

California Poppy Assorted Tomato

Perennial Mix Assorted Radish

Snap Dragon Parsley

Delphinium Oregano

Butterfly Flower Assorted Beets

Candy Tuft Chives

Passion Flower Assorted Carrots

Siberian Wallflower Okra

Nasturtium Cucumber

Delphinian Watermelon

Godetia Assorted Egg Plant

Blanket Flower Collard Greens

Four O'Clocks Tomatillo

Echinacea Mint

Cracker Jack Basil

Thunbergia Thyme

Calendula Tarragon

Shasta Daisy Parsley

Assorted Cacti Rosemary


Assorted Beans


Lettuce & Arugula






Mesdun Mix

Micro Greens

Remember it is first come, first serve, but I will do my best to fill your order. You will receive an email from with instructions for pick-up!

Happy planting!

Carrie Woodcock

Director of Rehabilitation and Wellness Services

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Jamie F
Jamie F
Jun 09

Can anyone ask to receive seeds to have shipped to them or do they need to be near you to pick up?


I need some seeds for low light vegetables can you help me with that I have a place to plant but it's in the shade most of the time

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