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The Benefits of Chinese Medicine & Massage Therapy

Recently Dave and I got the opportunity to sit down with Aida Arias, a Massage Therapist with a background in Chinese Medicine. Aida began our podcast by sharing some of the ways in which massage helps to improve overall wellness such as: relieving physical disharmony or pain, sports injuries, migraines, edema of the legs, and tightness or tension. Massage can also help us to relax and improve our cardiovascular health. However, when you schedule a massage with Aida she will not be treating you just physically.

"There's an interpersonal relationship between the organs, just like there is with your interpersonal relationships in your life. When these organs are not working in harmony that's when there is disharmony and stagnation in the body, or a block of energy. Chinese medicine will try to unblock that stagnation."

~ Aida Arias

Massage does treat the physical form, but according to Aida a true therapist will know that you are also treating the emotional. Emotions are stored in our body. If you go through an emotional time in your life, experiencing emotions such as anger, anxiety, or depression without a release of that energy, these emotions can become trapped in the body and manifest in the physical form.

Aida discusses the difference between Western Medicine and Eastern Medicine, and the benefit of integrating both of them into her practice. Chinese Medicine allows her to see her patients as a whole, considering questions such as: What is your lifestyle? What are you eating? How is your exercise? What do you do for fun? Aida understands that not everyone fits into a format, and she sees each person as an individual with unique experiences that contribute to where you are today.

"Most of us are just running a race in our lives - it's just one huge to-do list. You wake up and you're on autopilot - going, going, going. Massage allows us a time out - an hour or an hour and a half for you to take a pause. That pause is extremely important. Not only for the physical body, but also for the mental body. Because you are allowing yourself to actually feel. We don't often have the time out to ask ourselves: What am I truly feeling? What am I truly carrying?"

~Aida Arias

Aida not only discusses the many benefits of massage, but also reminds us to be present in each moment; to let go of all of those things that might be happening in your life to ground yourself and be present.

Talking with Aida certainly changed my perspective on massage, and I am looking forward to booking my first appointment with her! I encourage you to set aside some time to listen to Aida's Podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. You won't regret it, and I promise you will walk away with some insight.

Have a great week!

Carrie Woodcock

Director of Wellness and Recovery Services

To schedule a massage with Aida Arias you can contact her at:


609 Canton Street in Ogdensburg, New York

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