Standing Together Effectively for People By Standing Together Effectively for People
STEP-By-STEP, Inc. is a consumer run, non-profit organization committed to bringing services, support and care to persons discovering and recovering with mental health diagnoses in St. Lawrence County. We are individuals, 18 years of age and older, who share in the quality of life challenges and stigma inherent in mental health and psychiatric diagnoses. Step-By-Step strives to empower our members with person-centered relationships, programs, services and interventions. These programs and activities increase member's access to services that promote recovery from mental health and address important quality of life issues.
Step by Step, Inc.
103 Ford Street, Bldg. 3E
Ogdensburg, NY 13669
Phone:   (315) 394-0597
Fax:   1-800-709-3038

We know the importance of a supportive community, we ourselves have been down many of the same roads of pain, despair and suffering that comes with mental health issues. We support each other as friends and equals, we look not for symptoms or labels, but for the special worth of each person.
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