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Lincoln Spends a Day at the Greenhouse

Lincoln Abbrid

A couple weeks ago Lincoln Abbrid's grandmother dropped him off at the S.T.E.P. by S.T.E.P., Inc. garden and greenhouse so Lincoln could spend the day with Luke McAllister.

Lincoln and Luke spent a few hours harvesting vegetables together, and in Luke's words, Lincoln was the perfect size to be lifted right into the raised beds to get all the tomatoes picked.

Before Lincoln left for the day he requested only eggplant and cherry tomatoes in exchange for his work. Before his father picked him up Lincoln told Luke that he had a great day and really enjoyed spending time at the greenhouse.

After Lincoln got home he tried out a new recipe with the veggies he took home with him. It looks like his cooking skills are as good as his gardening skills because Lincoln's Eggplant Parmesan looks incredible!

You can check out Lincoln's recipe here!

We love seeing the pictures of the recipes that you try with the produce from our greenhouse, so keep them coming. Thank you to Lincoln for all the work he put in!

Have a great week, and be sure to watch for my weekly emails if you have signed up to receive vegetables!

Carrie Woodcock

Director of Wellness and Recovery Services

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